Jars Filmed Inside | 2010

Solo Installation at Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Addressing the visual experience of the space directly, Jars Filmed Inside (2010) is a curvilinear circular piece of mirrored plexiglass rotating eccentrically around a weathered, almost decrepit, nautical buoy. Suspended from exposed structural beams, it makes fun-house distortions of the floor, walls, and any viewers in its range, creating a pleasantly disorienting experience for a person standing below it and looking straight up. The buoy, true to its original function, serves as a sturdy visual constant in an otherwise mercurial field of view. Surrounding the central kinetic sculpture in the gallery are a series of jars, the contents collected over a twenty year period and filled with oil and optical remnants both historical and spectacular. 

All images © Elaine Buckholtz
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