Dream Club Lab

San Jose, CA, 2024

Evolution of the Unseen

Osaka, Japan, 2023

Amadigi di Gaula

Boston, MA, 2022

A Telling of Light

Durham, England, 2021

Dreaming Away From Here

Horaždovice, Czech Republic, 2019

In a Whirl (Studies in Perpetual Glitching)

San Francisco, CA, 2018

Futurefarmers: De-Bugging

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, 2017

And Then To See Again - (Notions of Japan) 

Mihama-Aichi, Japan, 2017

Freely Falling Objects 

San Francisco, CA, 2017

London Lumiere Festival 

London, UK, 2016

Seeing Away

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, 2016

Grace Cathedral: Fields of Prayer 

San Francisco, 2015

Middle Sticks

Boston, MA, 2015

Wandering Nighthouse

Athens, Greece, 2013

The Cot Piece

San Francisco, CA, 2013

Batumi Backyard Stories

Batumi, Georgia, 2013

The Tenderloin National Forest

San Francisco, CA, 2012

Chain Reaction XI

San Francisco, CA, 2010

Solo Show at Electric Works Gallery

San Francisco, CA, 2011


San Francisco, CA, 2010

Jars Filmed Inside

San Francisco, CA, 2010


Claremont, CA, 2007

Before We Were Here

Oakland, CA, 2008

The Warfield 

San Francisco, CA, 2007

All images © Elaine Buckholtz
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