Wandering Nighthouse | 2013

North Adams, MA - San Francisco, CA - Athens, Greece - Batumi, Georgia

Wandering Nighthouse is a roving and experiential light and sound installation that took place in four locations across the world in 2013. 

Curatorial Statement for Wandering Nighthouse (Athens, Greece) by Lydia Matthews:

Car-pou-see: The Wandering Nighthouse invites its audience to enjoy a quintessential summer snack of watermelon, feta, bread and wine while considering how light and sound can transform our mundane environment into something extraordinary and even uncanny. Designed by Boston-based artists Elaine Buckholtz and Floor van de Velde, consists of a sound and light installation that begins at Souzy Tros and extends onto the streets of its local neighborhood, traveling along the initial segment of the route known in antiquity as the "Sacred Way." For nearly two thousand years, Athenians took this journey to experience the Eleusinian Mysteries, a popular practice that invited everyone in society's participation, regardless of financial standing, gender or background. The audience for Car-Pou-See is invited to gather at Souzy Tros from 9pm to midnight, where a slow-moving open-air truck will offer rides that allow people to experience their own mobile sound and light show, illuminating local architecture and other spaces that deserve heightened visibility and visual transformation.

All images © Elaine Buckholtz
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