Night Café in Living Color  | London Lumiere Festival, 2016

London, England

Displayed as an immersive and radiant light installation in Grosvenor Square, London, Night Café in Living Color samples and reinterprets colors from Van Gogh's painting,"All Night Café, transforming the original palette into a series of moving lines. The moving linear painting layered with video projection gives the impression that light is emanating from the print in slow motion. The work was created by spinning an image of Van Gogh's original work like a record on a 16mm motor, capturing the motion on a moving video camera, and then putting the footage through multiple video effects and slowing the motion. The installation is accompanied by a sound score in collaboration with Floor van de Velde based on Bartók’s “Romanian Folk Melody no. 5.”

All images © Elaine Buckholtz
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